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Proud members of the Gila River Indian Community, with over 10 years of service to tribal nations.

Native Energy Solutions is driven to provide low-cost and environmentally sustainable outdoor lighting solutions for tribal lands nationwide.

Land Preservation

Help preserve our lands by avoiding damaging the landscape with trenching, preserving the night sky, and ensuring no light or power is wasted.


Improve community sustainability by creating social change, being financially smart, and providing “good” for people and the planet.


Freedom from grid Lighting! Maintain community sovereignty by losing ties to the grid.

Safety & Reduced Crime

With Solar Lighting you get better visibility, warding off potential threats and reducing crime, while also adding security from brownouts & blackouts

Solar Lighting Solutions For:

Advantages of Solar Lighting

Solar Lighting helps you and our lands in many ways!

Free from Utility Services

Cost Savings

Environmentally Friendly

Future Proof

Funding Solar Lighting

Gaining Funds for solar lighting in our lands is much easier and economical than you may think.